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TPH Legal Services is a multi-jurisdictional law firm with a unique diversity in its services and its clientèle. We provide business, litigation and personal legal services in a wide range of practice areas. We take honor and pride in our depth, skill, and experience to represent some of Canada’s banks, multinational corporations, financing and leasing companies, private equity firms, as well as many businesses, both large and small, private- or government-owned.

Here at TPH Legal Services, our team members strive to generate and perform well-coordinated solutions with an accuracy, speed, and ease that’s hard to match at a truly reasonable price. In providing advice, we use a professional approach in every business situation that comes our way; ensuring the best interest of our clients to the fullest extent. By listening to what is important, providing practical advice and preparing a strong case, we have forged long-term relationships with industry leaders and delivered consistent results.

What is our secret, you might ask? I say it’s all in our paralegals.

Our TPH Legal Services team is comprised of competent minds with compassionate hearts. We give focus to what the clients feel and are accepting of their perspective, thereby ensuring effective communication is achieved. We invest a good amount of time in actively listening to what our clients have to say. The better information we take in, the better our judgment will be. Our paralegals are aces in sharing their perspective while remaining respectful to our clients. This level of trust and respect is a vital aspect in maintaining a friendly and cooperative environment that would make resolution of any matter attainable. By putting our clients first, with their best interest in mind, we are capable of crafting diverse and creative solutions to every legal trouble they are facing. Our priority is to tailor-fit our resolutions to our clients’ needs. We continuously persevere to not just deliver what is expected of us, but to exceed each expectation, and go above and beyond.

The firm was founded upon the principles of consistent excellence in client service, a tireless work ethic, thorough judgment, and top-rate courtroom skills, both verbal and written. Our paralegals have worked hard together for years to meet and exceed these expectations and achieve our clients’ long-term trust, respect, and confidence.

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Our Team is seasoned with decades of combined experience. We have the ability to move quickly and reach your desireed goals.

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