Judgement Enforcement Services in Canada

Experienced paralegals with a track record of enforcing court orders, judgements, and other legal obligations in Canada — swiftly and cost-effectively.

Getting a judgement in your favor is only half the battle. Actually enforcing the judgement is often the hardest part — and the courts can only do so much. That’s where we come in.

A judgement unenforced is just a piece of paper. Its value depends entirely on your willingness to enforce it and your ability to do so effectively. Delinquent debtors determined to dodge their debt will go as long as they can without paying you the money you’re owed. TPH Legal Services can help.

We are an experienced creditor’s rights firm dedicated to recovering the money you are entitled to once your business has earned a judgement in its favor. We offer a variety of judgement enforcement services in Canada — creative, cost-effective, and efficient.

Our judgement enforcement solutions are designed first to motivate and persuade, and then — if necessary — to leverage the power of the law to collect the money you deserve through a variety of legal mechanisms: garnishment, wage attachment, levy, lien, assignment, contempt, and so on.

When debtors defy a court order or judgement, it’s often because they don’t understand the repercussions, fail to appreciate the seriousness of the matter, or simply believe they can get away with it. They may feel that they “can’t afford” to pay the judgement. Our job begins by dissuading them of that notion. In most cases, they can afford it but simply don’t want to make the necessary arrangements for doing so. The right kinds of pressure can motivate them toward a different course of action.

Through a combination of debtor education and compelling persuasion, we are often able to convince the debtors that complying with the judgement — promptly and in full — is in their own best interest.

Of course, motivation and ramifications must go hand in hand. To that end, our team can and will take aggressive judgement enforcement action against debtors as needed. We are prepared to do whatever it takes within the confines of Canadian law to achieve a swift and effective resolution for our clients.

We craft each of our judgement enforcement strategies with the big picture in mind. It makes very little sense to spend more on enforcement than the judgement is worth. Our every move is made with your financial end-game in mind. We believe that’s the reason so many lenders and creditors turn to TPH Legal Services for judgement enforcement services in Canada.

When individuals or businesses fail to make good on a court order, judgement, or any other legal obligation, we are here to step in and fight for the results you deserve.

The Difference Between a Judgement and Enforcement

When a company hires us for debt collection, we work to secure payment as soon as possible, avoiding costly court procedures whenever possible. But when necessary, we can and do take debtors to court, where we may be able to secure a binding legal judgement against the debtor on the creditor’s behalf.

Once a judgement has been rendered, we have even more options for debt collection at our disposal. A judgement is essentially a court order compelling the debtor to satisfy the debt right away. Judgements carry the weight of law and can be enforced accordingly. But enforcement requires action on the debtor’s part.

Sometimes, a debtor will comply with a judgement or court order right away. In other cases, the debtor will wait and see whether you are willing to take aggressive enforcement action. To that end, TPH Legal Services offers a wide range of judgement enforcement services in Canada and years of professional legal experience.

Cost-Effective Judgement Enforcement Services in Canada

TPH Legal Services is unique in that we utilize a deep bench of legal talent to keep your costs down.

Just as importantly, we offer our services on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay us anything unless we succeed in enforcing the judgement and getting you the money you deserve.

It’s as simple as that: no money upfront and nothing to lose. The total fee for our service is only a percentage of your total recovery. And if for any reason we aren’t able to successfully enforce your judgement, you won’t have to pay us anything at all.

By shouldering the risk of loss ourselves, we make it possible for you to pursue legal enforcement without worrying about a costly loss in court. Because our recovery depends on yours, we have an incentive to work hard toward the outcome you deserve. You can count on our seasoned legal team to explore every available avenue to enforce your rights and recover the debts you’re owed.

Careful Compliance with Ethics Rules, Regulations, and Laws

Debt collection and judgement enforcement are subject to strict regulation under Canadian law. Unethical, unlawful, or unfair debt collection carries strict penalties. The same is true for any ethics breach or violation of law made in the course of an attempted enforcement action. The cost of noncompliance can be severe.

TPH Legal Services is committed to unwavering regulatory compliance and above-board ethics. Our in-house attorneys keep pace with changes in the law as they happen, ensuring our every effort is made in good faith and in full compliance with applicable law.

Experienced Legal Enforcement Services for Canadian Businesses

Our paralegals and attorneys have spent decades providing judgement enforcement services in Canada. By limiting our legal services to this complex area of law — debt collection, judgement enforcement, and insolvency investigations — we are able to offer our clients highly focused service within their specific area of need.

Who We Work With

TPH Legal Services offers versatile debt collection services throughout Canada and the Territories. It is our privilege to represent some of Canada’s finest names in:

  • Banking
  • Financial services
  • Lending
  • Real estate
  • Insurance
  • Medical
  • Private equity
  • Small business
  • Corporate enterprise
  • Multinational corporate operations
  • Government
  • Consumer financing
  • And more

We understand that cost-effective judgement enforcement is especially important to small and mid-sized businesses. You can’t afford to let a debt or judgement go, but you also can’t afford to sink under water in the effort to collect. We offer services tailor-made for businesses like yours.

No matter what industry you work in, if you have obtained a judgement and need help enforcing it — quickly and cost-effectively — TPH Legal Services is here to help with creative judgement enforcement services in Canada.

TPH Legal Services: Enforcing Creditor’s Judgements and Legal Rights in Canada

When you need quick and cost-effective enforcement of your legal rights, TPH Legal Services is ready to go after the money you deserve.

From the moment you put your file in our hands, we make every effort to get you what you’re owed — without costing you more than it’s worth.

Strategy and experience are our calling cards. Professional integrity is our mantra. If you need judgement enforcement services in Canada, TPH Legal Services is here to help. Contact us today.

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