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TPH Legal Services can best arrange your case per all your Legal Collection needs. We understand the needs of working tightly together as a team and also to be able to properly document the Collection process. As a collaboration of professionals, TPH Legal Services can offer our services across all borders of Canada.

We as a team of legal savvy professionals can best guide your prosecution needs and also best answer your questions to developing a legal case against the other party or parties.

In our decades of combined experience, we have properly created a methodology that we use as an internal process for our team’s success.

We understand that every passing day is another day lost for recovering the debt that is owed to your company. Each moment you wait, it’s a longer delay of obtaining what is owed to you days prior.

We’re experienced in recovering either assets or collection of funds owed to your company. Our methods are result driven and provide peace of mind to your team and company.

We value a long growing relationship with all your clients and offer a warm welcome to reach out to us today for all your needs.

We can assist with virtually every need when it comes to working in commerce.

TPH Legal Services takes great pride in working with companies across Canada and offers a wide variety of legal business services. We’re a team of professionals that are open to hearing from you either by email or telephone.

We offer a consultation service and we’re always interested in hearing from companies that are challenged in every way possible per their legal needs.

We help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.

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